3 Ways to Attract and Engage Visitors with the Embed Code Element


From Twitter embeds to Vimeo multimedia there’s an entire ecosystem of tools that can serve as powerful (and free) add ons to your website, online store or blog. Lets take a look at a few of our favorite services that only take a few minutes to setup and implement with the embed code element.

Hello Bar


Hello Bar is a very useful service that lets you add a horizontal call to action bar on any page of your site. You can use the bar to attract extra attention to important actions or offers on your site. Whether you’re driving signups, downloads or just better visitor engagement, Hello Bar is exceptionally versatile. The bar itself is completely customizable, giving you direct control over content, design elements and completion events.

Yogapeutics uses Hello Bar to promote e-Book downloads for its yoga studio website. The bar looks professional and doesn’t detract from the brand while still capturing attention with an offer targeted directly to visitors.

Behind the scenes, Hello Bar provides a variety of helpful performance metrics to help optimize your conversion efforts. You can run A/B tests and target mobile visitors, while tracking progress closely along the way. All it takes to get running is a simple multi-step onboarding process from Hello Bar homepage, which will spit out your embed code that you can place directly on your pages with the embed element.



MailChimp offers plenty of free email marketing tools, but the Newsletter Signup form is one of our favorites. The form’s embed code is relatively easy to create and implement on your site, allowing you to build a robust mailing list for future email marketing and visitor engagement.

Strauss Vintage Shoppe does an excellent job implementing MailChimp’s signup form on the contact page. The shop’s form represents modern design features that augment the site’s personality. Our new columns behavior makes it easy to position the signup form next to text or image elements on your site.



SnapWidget provides an elegant solution for embeddable Instagram content feeds. You can generate the embed code in minutes by adding your Instagram username and various display adjustments like hover style and photo padding directly right from the site without ever logging in or providing additional information.

Elefant Snowboarding uses SnapWidget to promote it’s action oriented brand with a homepage Instagram feed.

We hope this wrap up of interesting embeddable services provides some extra inspiration for your next big idea. What are your favorite embeddable tools to use with Weebly?