Announcing the Weebly API, custom domains, and more

We’re happy to announce a few new features and quite a few bug and usability fixes. Here’s a short breakdown:

  • Weebly API: The new Weebly API allows widget makers and others to integrate a button. With this button, you can create custom defaults for elements, which are permanently saved as a custom element for the user. Why is this important? Because widget makers want their elements to be placed on as many sites as possible, and we’re helping people do that. More information is available at – which we created using Weebly, by the way.

  • Custom domains: You can now use your own domain name with Weebly, and we’ll continue to host your site free for you. To do so, you’ll find a new option under the “Site Properties” menu that allows you to enter your domain name. Then, create a CNAME record for your site and point it to (your domain name provider should have instructions for doing this).

  • New Features and Bug Fixes: Many other smaller features, usability tweaks, and bug fixes, including a new color chooser,

in-place editing of page titles, the ability to delete a page by dragging it to the trash can, a favicon, and several other tweaks and bug fixes.

We’re continuing development and squashing bugs at full speed — expect more exciting things soon. Thanks again to everybody who submitted feedback, as it is very helpful for us.