Announcing New Form Building Features!

Just in time for Christmas, we have a holiday gift for you! We've just released new form building features that let you completely customize and build new forms, including contact forms, RSVP forms, surveys, or anything else you can dream up!


You'll see a new category under "More" called "Forms". Here, we've added a Contact Form, RSVP Form and Survey Form. Once you've added one of these forms to your page, click it to start customizing it.

Once you click on the form, you'll notice that the rest of the page fades away, letting you focus on the form you're working on.


The elements bar now contains the form fields that you can add to your form, including short and large text areas, option buttons, a dropdown box, checkboxes, a name field, an email field, an address field and a phone number field. You can add these fields to your form by dragging them on to the page.


There are several advanced options you can set, such as modifying the confirmation message a user sees after submitting a form, setting a special confirmation page, modifying the field instructions (a little box shown with instructions when the field is selected) and setting a field as required or not. You can also download the form entries as a .csv file, or view them right from within Weebly.


When you're done, publish your site! Your visitors will be able to fill out the form created, and their entries will be emailed to you and stored in Weebly to view and download later!

We're still a small team, but we're working hard day and night to improve Weebly for you and help make creating a website fun, fast, easy, and free. We've got a lot planned for 2010, and are excited to finish and release some of the major features we are currently working on!

Happy Holidays, and thanks again for your feedback and support!