Announcing Multiple Columns

Weebly has made a lot of progress in 2011, but we're not done yet. With so much cool stuff coming up, we're excited to announce a new upgrade: Multiple Columns. You can find this option under the elements tab when you're editing your site, hanging out where the Two-Column element used to be.


The highlights of this feature include:

  • Multiple Columns: you're not just limited to 2 columns anymore; you can now choose between 2-5 columns.
  • Flexible Spacing: Choose the amount of spacing between columns: Small? Medium? Large? You got it.
  • Improved Preview: We've improved the appearance so your content is displayed exactly how it will look on the published site... what you see is what you get!
  • Automatic Upgrade: Your old 2 column elements are automatically upgraded to the new multiple column elements.
  • Available in Blog Posts: The new multiple column element can now be used in all of your blog posts!

Want to see exactly what this looks like? We've put together a short video to showcase exactly how this feature can be used on your sites.

We hope you had a great 2011! In the spirit of the holidays, the whole team has been reflecting on how grateful we are for all of our Weebly users and Weebly Pro customers. We have several new improvements we're getting ready to release soon, including our new themes that we've been feverishly working on finishing, so stay tuned!