How'd They Do That? Add a Favicon to Your Website

Have you ever noticed that tiny icon at the top of a browser tab and wondered how to add one to your website? With a Starter, Pro or Business site, it's easy to add this extra detail, called a favicon, to your website.

In this edition of “How'd They Do That," we'll show you how to add a favicon to your website in just a few easy steps.

A good favicon, is unique, features bright colors or an identifiable image and adds a touch of extra style to your website.

A favicon is one more selling point for your website and an extra point of branding contact between your site and users. This small detail adds personalization to your website and an element of professionalism that shows users that your site is the real deal.

Remember to design your favicon as a square. Keep the image simple so it can be understood at small sizes – actual rendering is about 16 pixels square. Adding the favicon is easy through Settings > Favicon from the site builder.

Have fun with the design and remember to create an icon that brings a level of personality and flair to your website. Once you finish, share some of your work with us in the comments.