All About Me: Creative "About Me" Page Ideas

Campfire Couture's "about me" section succeeds where many fall short. The online retailer uses simple, elegant language to announce its product line: Artisan Made Goods In The Pacific Northwest.

"Campfire Couture is about heirloom quality pieces brought to you from independent designers and artists. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship using time tested materials to bring you the most unique pieces you won't find anywhere else," the company explains.

That concise, straightforward nugget provides visitors the who, what and where with engaging wording likely to prompt further exploration. Appealing graphics, a photo and note from one of the company's designers enhance the branding, offering a sense of the venture's natural spirit and emphasis on craftsmanship.

Your "about me" section is one of the most important pieces of real estate on your website — the place where visitors look to see who you are and what you do. It's important that your message be clear and attractive. Confused consumers will move along if they can't quickly discern what product or service you're offering.

Here are some ideas for putting together a great "about me" section, and a few winning examples.

Get to the point

A fun or inspiring story about your business or founders — how and why you got started, what drives you — is a great way to draw visitors. Don't get so wrapped up in the tale, however, that you forget to let people know exactly what your business does.

Nature's Kindle, which uses an "our story" tab for its short "about us" commentary, describes itself as "a premium hand crafted soy candle and home fragrance line founded by Southern California native Diosdado Velasquez."

It doesn't get much clearer than that, and yet the graceful language — "premium," "hand crafted," "native" — gives the description an artistic feel, conveying an idea about the nature of the business. A photo of a candle-maker at work augments the message.

Show your passion

Your passion and focus should be evident in your "about me" or "our story" section. That doesn't mean throwing exclamation points all over the page.
Consider the second sentence of Nature's Kindle's three-sentence story: "Highlighting scents inspired by nature with a focus on design and quality, our products are artfully hand crafted from our workshop ..."

No superlatives are necessary to express this small business owner's passion for making distinctive candles.

Emphasize what distinguishes you

Whether you can point to impressive results for clients, a one-of-a-kind product or your unsurpassed commitment to service, your "about me" page should give potential customers a reason to choose your business — or at least to keep reading or make contact.

In a world teeming with travel agencies and DIY booking sites, Romance Travel Group sets itself apart starting with its name. Visitors landing on the site immediately see a snappy introduction to a company focused on "the art of beach destination wedding and travel planning," with references to its industry awards and recognition.

The intro leaves no doubt that the agency's work. A separate "why us" section gets into the details with bullet points about the many wedding and honeymoon trips the company has planned and touts features like a price-matching policy, payment plans and traveler assistance services.

Spin a Good Yarn

If there's a compelling story behind your business, let the world know. Research from The Aberdeen Group shows that even one second of lag time will drive visitors from a website, "resulting in lost sales and a negative reputation."

Farmstead Apothecary's husband-and-wife founders use their "about me" page to explain their mission of providing wholesome, natural, cruelty-free skin care products, and the trouble they had finding these kinds of items before launching their business. They tell visitors a bit about themselves and how the business came into being.

While they spend several paragraphs on this background, there's plenty of white space, to break up the text and — this is key — it's an interesting story that emphasizes their dedication to creating pure products and using eco-friendly packaging. The page engages the reader while driving home the unambiguous message about the kind of company Farmstead Apothecary is.

"We craft simple and uncomplicated body products so you don't have to worry and can focus on the more important things in life," co-founder Lauren says at the end of the entry. On the bottom of the page sits the simple slogan: Beauty harvested from nature.

Make it look good

Great writing is important, and if you and your staff can't whip up the right words yourselves, hiring a talented freelance writer is a good investment. At the same time, your website, including your "about me" page, needs to look polished.

Using well-designed templates, appealing logos and professional-looking photographs are all important. A gauzy photo of lip balm containers heads Farmstead's "About Farmstead" section, while a cheery picture of the founding couple follows their business story.

You might include video in your "about us" section, as the Ohio Forever apparel company does on a page brimming with home-state loyalty.

Feature your connections

If you have prominent clients or partners, or have been featured in well-known publications, consider placing them on your "about me" page, another route that Ohio Forever took.

Every business needs an "about me" or "our story" page that suits its own story, product, character and vibe. To make your page appealing, engaging and effective, remember to keep the language and aesthetic clear, elegant, appealing and polished.