6 Ways to Get More Sales on Your Website

One of the biggest potential growth areas for your business – large or small – is in eCommerce. Did you know that the design and tools you use on your site can impact the bottom line? Not sure where to start? Don't worry. You'll be an eCommerce pro in no time with these six tips to help you drive more sales.

1. Drive Business with Coupon Codes

From free shipping to a percentage off the total sale to a fixed discount, a coupon code can help people come to your website for the first time, or return as a repeat customer. Coupon codes entice more visitors and can lead to more clicks and purchases.


Maximize the potential of the Business plan to create the perfect coupon code. You can send unique or limited quantity codes to specific customers or create a general use code, such as The Pretzel Princess, which often posts a coupon code for users right on its homepage.

Pro tip: For unique codes, you'll want to use a combination of letters and numbers that's easy to type but not too easy to randomly guess. Log into your store dashboard to set the parameters for your next coupon promotion.

2. Promote Products on Social Media, PPC and Email

Use social media, pay-per-click advertising and email marketing to create a buzz about your website and draw in shoppers.


Show off your best product shots on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Use the same text and imagery in pay-per-click advertising and email campaigns so that you have more chances to interact with and engage shoppers. Note how Michi Leung's Cattitude shop includes social share icons for each product. Can't buy it now? Drop a hint.

Pro tip: Combine campaigns with a coupon code and you have the start of a powerful strategy. Getting started with a campaign couldn't be easier thanks to all the great apps and tool integrations available in the App Center.

3. Monitor Website Stats to Reach Customers

Do you know who your customers are? Do they know you?

Log into your Dashboard to keep an eye on potential shoppers in one place – weekly visitors, page views, form submissions, blog comments and store orders. Take that a step further with custom forms to stay in touch with visitors; each time a customer fills out a form – such as signing up for an email newsletter – you can get in touch right away.

Pro tip: Collect recent form submissions weekly and make contact with customers. Offer a unique coupon code or highlight a featured item.

4. Showcase Your Product Line

Shoppers want to see and experience products before buying. Showcase everything your shop has to offer with strong images and product descriptions. (You might even think about refreshing your design theme to better showcase new and existing products.)


Start with a great theme. It'll make a new design or visual refresh easy and can give your shop just the makeover it needs. A design update is especially appropriate for introducing new products or giving new life to popular items. Savages Biker Apparel uses a clean design and striking images to highlight each item below a branded hero image.

Pro tip: Use a theme with plenty of room for big visuals and space between elements. Try Unite or Haberdasher from the theme gallery.

5. Feature Product Videos and Testimonials

Shoppers love to know exactly what they are getting. Use videos and customer testimonials to show shoppers why they should buy from you.

The nice thing about either of these strategies is that they help to create a personal connection between your website and the user. Video and social media integration are popular and highly engaging tools that can help you tell that story – and sell more items.

Pro tip: Use high definition video to have customers talk about and show your products, and keep clips to less than 30 seconds.

6. Keep Tight with Branding

Keeping your brand top-of-mind is critical. It starts with a logo that should appear on all pages of your website and throughout all communications so that every customer knows who you are. This includes using the same URL, logo, colors and product images everywhere you plan to advertise.


Buy a branded website domain, such as Ecosox.com. Then make sure every element of the website and other marketing campaigns use that same logo and branding, including your email address and social media campaigns. (Ecosox has the same logo with the same placement on every page of the website.)

Pro tip: An integrated shopping cart with checkout on your domain, which is available on the Business plan, helps customers feel good about their purchases with a professional look through the final steps. (And with a branded checkout, you don't have to worry about users abandoning their carts because they are worried they have stumbled onto another site.)

How have you used Weebly to boost your online sales? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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