5 Website Design Tips from a Weebly Expert

Still struggling with design inspiration for your website or online shop?

Today, we have advice from an industry insider. Wendy Ho is a lead designer here at Weebly and is sharing her five top tips that will make your website design shine bright.

1. Keep Things Consistent

A consistent brand is more than just a logo or color a shopper remembers; it helps build trust and legitimacy.

“Keep your style, font, color and logo as consistent as possible," Ho says. “Not only on your online store but on all other platforms (social media included) where you're showcasing yourself and product to the world."

Get started: E-commerce themes help you get a website up and running quickly and include a consistent look and feel that you can customize as you add new elements.

2. Develop a Brand Voice

“Brand goes far beyond just a name and logo," Ho says. “It's how you show up in the world – what do you want to say, how are you saying it (or showing it) and who are you speaking to?

“Your brand is an exciting opportunity to connect with customers, tell people why your product is unique and gain customer loyalty."

When it comes to shopping online, you can develop that voice with key design elements (which are available in your Weebly account).

Get started: Use a custom font and color palette to connect your brand across different platforms. You can choose from an unlimited number of colors and plenty of typography options right from your Weebly Dashboard.

3. Use Beautiful Photography

Beautiful images can draw users into your website design quicker than almost any other single element. In fact, 90% of shoppers believe that the quality of product photos is “extremely important” or “very important” to their purchase decision.

“Presentation is sometimes as important as the product itself," Ho says. “Be meticulous about the way you photograph your product."

Just as important as how you take photos is how you use them to create an overall design.

“Couple product shots and lifestyle shots together if you can," Ho suggests. “Lifestyle shots bring your product narrative to life."

Get started: Make the most of images using the Weebly image editor. You can crop, add filters (there are dozens to choose from), adjust color brightness and contrast and even add text to images right in the website editor or from your phone.

4. Share Your Work

It might seem obvious, but many website owners forget to share their website and promotions with people they know.

“Don't be scared! Share with friends early and often," Ho said.

Get started: Grow your audience with email marketing tools that are already connected with your website. You can also add social media integrations to make sharing easier and even allow users to connect back to your website. Once customers make the purchase Weebly tools allow users to market, sell and ship products from one platform.

5. Be Deliberate

Finally, every element in the design should exist for a reason. Don't use a color or font or picture just because it is trendy; use it because it means something for your website and brand.

“Every design decision you make should be a deliberate choice," Ho said. “Think about the goals you have for each page of your online store, and design something to hit those goals."

Get started: One great Weebly tool for creating deliberate design elements is Color Block; add the app to make specific messaging, such as a call to action stand out with color.

Bonus: 2 Useful Weebly Editor Tips

Ho also shared two pretty amazing tips for using the Weebly Editor that will make your design life – and workflows – easier.

  • You can move, copy or delete a lot of things at once: Click the column that divides elements, then click the arrow on the left to copy or the “x" on the right to delete the entire group.
  • Move elements with more precision: Hold shift to disable the snap to grid feature and put elements anywhere you like.