5 Steps to Create an Engaging, High-Conversion Website

You have an idea. Not only that, you like your idea enough to purchase a domain and get started building your site in the Weebly editor. And yet, when it comes to your website-in-the-making, you just can't bring yourself to push the publish button.

Sound familiar?

Relax, the process is a lot easier than you think. Just follow these five steps.

Choose a theme that fits your personality

Your business has a brand, and you want your website to reflect that. We make it easy to test and change themes at will. First, log into your website. Then, navigate to the control menu at the top of your website editor and click "Theme" to reveal a slew of customizing tools on the left navbar. Click "change theme" and you'll be presented with options for giving your site a new look and feel. You can also experiment with themes by previewing them. Try publishing your site and then changing the theme the next week. Use Google Analytics to check the results and switch to a new view. Keep experimenting until you find a theme that performs consistently.

Use catchy headlines

Good headlines pull in readers. Publish a few different stories with enticing headlines to get started. You could ask a question that your blog post or product information answers. You could use a list that promises surprising facts. Or you could stake a bold and perhaps even counter-intuitive claim. Good examples can be found at BuzzFeed and on the front section of Google News or Yahoo.com. Both sites spotlight the most attention-grabbing headlines to get viewers to stick around.

Experiment with images and high-definition video

YouTube is the web's third most-trafficked website. Instagram is the most engaging social media platform. There's a reason these services do so well — our eyes are drawn to visual media. Use this to your advantage on your site. The Image element makes it easy to insert photos on your pages and posts. You can also use the HD Video or YouTube elements to embed video when it makes sense to do so. Move or resize your images and videos to suit the theme and style of your pages and then save. Since everything is point, click, and save, publishing new videos usually takes no more than a few minutes.

Be compelling, or at least provocative

Don't play it safe with your content. You've created a site to say something, so say it. And yes, this applies as much to eCommerce sites as it does to the opinion pages of your local newspaper. A well-informed, passionate review of a particular brand of Merlot can make all the difference if your aim is to convince high net-worth wine connoisseurs to buy from your site. Also, think about starting conversations with your existing and potential customers. You can add Disqus comments to make it easy for readers to engage.

Publish regularly and predictably

Finally, and most importantly, develop a calendar with dates and times set aside for developing new content. You'll not only remove the stress that comes with having to decide whether you'll publish, but you'll also develop a a great habit that will keep readers coming back for more. Weebly makes it easy to do this by allowing you to schedule blog posts. Just create, save and then click "post options" before publishing to pick the date and time you want your content to go live.

Now it's your turn to weigh in. What tips and tricks helped you get started using Weebly? What changes have brought you more traffic? Leave a comment and let us know what's working for you.

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