3 Email Campaigns You Need to Try

Email can help your business grow in surprising ways. In fact, email conversion rates are at least three times higher than social media.

Weebly Promote lets you create and send your own email campaigns and integrate data collected directly from your website.

Not sure where to start? Here are three types of email campaigns you try right now that will help you connect with your core audience (and help drive online sales!).

1. Automated Emails

Automated email campaigns are a quick and easy way to engage users that have have previously interacted with your website. Whether they have just signed up for your email list or made a purchase, an automated campaign goes out when a user completes an action.

Examples of automated email campaigns include:

  • Thank you emails for completing a call to action from your website
  • Surveys to collect data
  • Follow up emails for users that haven't interacted with you in a while
  • Reminders when items are left in a shopping cart
  • Welcome message that offer new users with a greeting or coupon
  • Birthday wishes
  • Information on new features or products

Bonus feature: Combine automated messaging with smart groups in Weebly Promote so that the right email gets to the right person every time. Smart groups allow you to segment users automatically, such as users who recently made a purchase or those who have subscribed to your newsletter. Once you create a smart group, users that fit the parameters are automatically added (Nothing is easier than that!).

2. Informational Campaigns

It's important to connect with your audience on a regular basis. An informational campaign gives you a framework for a targeted way to make a connection. This connection is one of the best ways to improve retention and keep your best customers coming back for more. According to report from Gigaoam, email is one of the most effective marketing tactics for customer retention.

Plan a campaign that will happen at a regular frequency – for most smaller businesses and brands, monthly works well. Aim to send an email about the same time each month, so users anticipate its arrival. Deploying regular emails builds an expectation in the minds of your target audience. A consistent email campaign can help you retain users and direct them to your website.

Plan to provide one powerful piece of content each month. It can be a recap of something from your blog, cool brand images or reminders about an upcoming event. Remember to keep the message simple and actionable. Users should learn something new.

Weebly Promote has templates for each of these campaign types and tools that can help you import items right from your blog, use the same navigation as your website and share each email on social media. You won't have to spare much time each month to plan a stellar campaign.

3. Flash Sales or Coupons

If you have an online shop, email is a key component of doing business. Entice users to visit your store with flash sales or coupons. For every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return $43, according to the Direct Marketing Association. (That should be incentive to plan an email campaign right now.)

Flash sales or coupons can create a sense of urgency that will drive customers from the email to your website for action quickly. With Weebly Promote, you can actually connect product listings from your online storefront to the email itself — every listing perfectly matches and customers can click to buy right from their inboxes!

Focus sales or coupon campaigns on a single item or product category to target your email messaging. Adding too many elements can be overwhelming for users. Your goal is to create an email with a product or deal that makes the user say “I need that now." Use a great photo and a “BUY NOW" call to action button to create a sense of urgency.


While creating your first email campaign might seem intimidating, it is a lot easier than you think thanks to Weebly Promote. Make the most out of built-in tools, including attractive templates and integrated solutions that connect to your Weebly website.