LocIT automatically provides an in-depth personalized information, multi-media and notifications about objects and places around you.

LocIT key features include:

  • Mobile enable your business on LocIT iOS & Android application in a week.
  • Home Page: User can make your business as home page and only see your business information when they open the application. This feature almost makes LocIT as your app exclusively.
  • Detail showcase of Products: You can post detail content about Store/Products/Mall. Content can be images, text, video, audio.
  • Order functionality: User can directly order the product from the your LocIT to immediately avail special offers.
  • Push Notifications: To user about your business, products, events etc. While the are at home or near your location
  • Customer Interaction: You can ask specific questions for users to respond. It can be used for voting, contest or feedback etc.
  • Favorite: User can make checklist of his favorite products & features Real Time events update: User can receive real-time information about the offers, event, Images, Videos, Multilingual Audio.
  • Multi-media & Multi-lingual Support: Displays audio/video based on user’s default language on phone Calling Feature: User can call & inquire about anything they want.
  • Refer a Friend: User can refer any section/product/App to anyone through Watsapp, Mail, etc.
  • Search functionality: User can search individual sections, stores etc.
  • Map: User can see directions to your store displayed on map
  • Add / update data or app structure: You can yourself organize your data on the web platform with zero technical help required
  • Flexible application structure: App structure can be modified based on your business needs without any technical help.
  • Customer Insight & Reports: Provides multiple customer reports about the customer Insights.
  • Pay as you go Mode: No upfront cost building a new application or customize existing. Its completely a turnkey solution with absolutely no coding required.
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