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Automated Web Analytics. Get your web analytics done for you


Get your findings as a Management style PDF report in your Intray

Automate Your Web Analytics

Canecto is the smart alternative to hiring a digital agency or doing analytics yourself.

With Canecto you:

- do not have any need to use analytics tools.
- do not have to have analytics skills.
- do not need to spend time doing analytics.
- do not depend on others to do your analytics.
- do not need to pay someone else to do analytics for you.
- Advice, recommendations, insights and data

You will get a web analytics report that tells you what options you have to get more conversions.

In this way, Canecto makes you drive your business in a true data-driven way. The report gives you specific advice on how to improve your site, backed with data. This means that you:

- will know how to grow your business
- will understand what drives your site's conversions
- will save time and money
- do not have to learn a new, difficult tool
- get specialist findings in your report

You get your first free report in your intray 5 to 7 days after the instalment of the app.

From report two you can choose to upgrade to unlock more advanced features such as setting goals, or you can continue using the free version.

Driven by AI and human experts
Canecto is a new concept that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to show you how to increase conversions based on user behavior:

Data is collected from your site.
AI finds patterns that explain why users convert – and why they don't.
A human expert will advise you what the findings mean to your business.
The results are presented in a non-tech way and sent as a PDF report to your inbox.
In this way, you can make qualified decisions on where to focus your conversion efforts.

- User Journeys
- UX
- Keywords
- Marketing
- Social Media
- Re-marketing

Peer Benchmarks
Improve your site by comparing it with your peers’ sites. Know why other sites get more conversion and what you should focus on to catch up.

Canecto is GDPR compliant
Using Canecto does not affect your GDPR compliance. The solution does not store personal data nor does it share any data with third parties. This means that you are not required to take any additional actions in the way you communicate with your customers when you use the solution on your site.
This app offers a 7-day free trial


Full report content
Content and traffic analytics
PDF report in your in-tray
5.000 monthly page views
10.000 monthly page views
Advice, recommendations and insights
Conversion radar
Select conversion goals
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